Magia2: web tool for the integrative analysis of miRNA and genes expression data.

Magia2 is the update, extension and evolution of the original Magia web tool for mirna-genes integrated analysis. It has been completely redesigned to enhance user experience and guarantee more flexible analyses. With new Magia2 architecture the user may upload expression data only once and perform different analyses. Afterwards, both data and analyses are stored in a user-specific environment.
To get started just go to the upload data page and on the bottom left grey square choose "Load paired test dataset and sample analysis" it will load a test dataset for you to start evaluating Magia2.
Magia was designed to cope with low sensitivity of target prediction algorithms by exploiting the integration of target predictions with miRNA and gene expression profiles to improve the detection of functional miRNA–mRNA relationships. As in the previous release, Magia2 refines in silico target prediction, through miRNA-target expression anti-correlation using four different relatedness measures. Magia2 extends the analysis, supporting multiple organisms (human, mouse, rat and drosophila), and using an almost exhaustive list of target predictions algorithms. Nevertheless, miRNAs activity should be viewed as part of a more complex scenario where regulatory elements and their integrators generate a highly connected network and where gene expression profiles are the result of different levels of regulation. In this context, the association between miRNAs and target expression profiles is generally more complex than linear correlation. The updated Magia2 tries to dissect this complexity reconstructing mixed regulatory circuits involving either miRNA or TF as regulators. In particular, two types of mixed regulatory circuits are identified: i. a transcription factor (TF) that regulates both a given miRNA and its target gene; ii. a miRNA that regulates both a given TF and its regulated gene. In order to help the user in result interpretation some features are incorporated into Magia2: i. those miRNA-target interactions experimentally validated (as reported in miRecords and TarBase databases) are specifically marked; ii. Functional enrichment of the gene network component can be performed directly form Magia2 using DAVID platform.

Please cite: Bisognin A, Sales G, Coppe A, Bortoluzzi S, Romualdi C. MAGIA²: from miRNA and genes expression data integrative analysis to microRNA-transcription factor mixed regulatory circuits (2012 update). Nucleic Acids Res. 2012 Jul;40(Web Server issue)

Start using Magia2


Start Magia Analysis

In this page you can start a new Magia2 analysis by choosing the data to be used, among your uploaded data. If you have not yet uploaded the expression matrices you want to use for the analysis please go to the upload data page and load the desired data. In alternative, sample data are provided.

My Magia Data

In this page you find your data and analysis results. If you have not uploaded any file yet, go to the upload data page to load transcript/gene or miRNA expression data and start using Magia2 . Your data is stored privately (only you, from your browser can have access to your data) Magia2. Every time you come back to Magia2 you'll find your data waiting for you to be analyzed.

Magia2: web tool for the integrative analysis of miRNA and genes expression data incorporating transcriptional regulation.
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